Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between the CQU and the Institute of History of Natural Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences took place on October 20, 2020 in the Wenzizhai Auditorium of Chongqing University. Liao Ruijin, Vice President of the CQU, and other representatives of the CQU, Zhang Baichun, President of the Institute of History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other case representatives, as well as professors and students from the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Science and liberal Arts College of Chongqing University were present at the ceremony. Yao Fei, vice president of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Science at Chongqing University, presided over the ceremony. Chinese shipbuilder Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry has signed LNG cooperation agreements with compatriot Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding and the French gtt. On 20 September 2019, swep, the Swedish supplier of heat exchange and heat transport systems signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Swedish Embassy in Beijing, as one of the concrete cooperation activities. The two companies will collaborate in the development of thermal equipment and services at a more environmentally friendly and efficient level. According to a statement from Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry (CHI), the framework agreement will strengthen cooperation between the duo and contribute to the creation of a national ship repair base for large LNG tankers. The renewal of this agreement will not only allow GTT and CHI to jointly address current market challenges, but also to offer customers more comprehensive solutions for their projects. Source: COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry M. Nguyen Hung Son – Managing Director of FSI signed a cooperation agreement with the company 129 „The signing of the agreement between 129 Co., Ltd and FSI will help today to minimize the concerns of organizations and companies regarding cyberattacks, the ability to control information. In the process of digital transformation, the development of e-government, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, big data (Big Data), artificial intelligence (AI) and smart cities are now developing strongly.

„- Stressed Mr. Hai. On December 6, 2019, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between the China Association for Promotion of Private Sci-Tech Enterprises Digital Economy Branch (CAPPSE) and Bizfield (Canada) was successfully held. Ms. Lin Yu, Executive Chairman of the Digital Economy, and Mr. Feng Shang, the CKO of Bizfield Angel Network Ltd., attended the signing ceremony together as well as business partners from all over China. Signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation agreement between FSI and 129 Co., Ltd. Liao Ruijin, Vice President of Chongqing University, said at the signing ceremony that cooperation for Chongqing University is not only an important mission and responsibility to respond to the call of the Chinese Communist Party, central government and local government. but also an urgent need for clean development.. .